Dear reader,

I just wish to present to my friends especially, and the public in general, my private collection on Italian Old Masters documents (photos, writings) which I have been assembling for a long, long time. In doing so I have born in mind one only objective, that is, to reflect –within my possibilities, the full range of documents pertaining to the Italy of the twelfth to seventeenth centuries in the field of Art, in its broadest sense.

I personally am responsible for all inaccuracies that you, reader, might find in the texts accompanying this website, but I also take an immense pride in the unsurmountable task that has meant to organize, classify, write materials that I though at the time of doing so, were of intrinsic importance.

For all this, I simply want to share the information amassed for you, the accurate and highly intelligent reader, be you a mere amateur –as I happen to be– or an expert on Italian art.

It goes without saying that the great majority of images, photos in this art website are the result of patiently diving into the thousands of free resources the Internet offers, along with the first-rate online collections of some of the best museums in the world that so generously and altruistically keep uploading a lot of information for us, eager, passionate friends of Art, wherever we live in this digitally boundless XXI century connected world.

In short, this is a place devoted for the lovers of Italian Old Masters, be it paintings, sculpture, drawings, architecture and all subjects relating to art history in Italy.

My deeply thanks goes for the staff of these museums and the colossal amount of resources that most of them seem to have; which makes me jealous, by the way!

Jesús Lorenzo Vieites

Málaga, 15 March, 2018